Fishing Lake of the Woods - Northwest Angle

Surrounded on all sides by water and Canada, Minnesota’s Northwest Angle (which locals call “the Angle”) remains an incredible outpost of wilderness, and the northernmost point in the contiguous USA. Nearly 80% of the Angle itself is water which is what makes for such spectacular multi-species fishing. Meanwhile the land – 70% of which is held in a trust by the Red Lake Indian Reservation – is primarily undeveloped forest. Though occasionally residents express a desire to secede from the U.S., most “Angleites” exist in wild tranquility, replete with a still-used one-room schoolhouse.

The Angle and Lake of the Woods offer many wonderful opportunities for exploring. Check out the islands, or miles of sandy beaches, along with local landmarks like Massacre Island, Eagle’s Rock, Penasse Island, and Fort St. Charles for a little history lesson. Birding and Wildlife are abundant in the area, as are wild flowers, wild rice, blueberries, and raspberries.

Play a round of golf on the Northern-most 9 hole golf course in America. Take a boat tour of the lake; Bon Bon can take you to check out Painted Rock Island that has evidence of the area’s earliest inhabitants! Paintings dating over 1,000 years can be seen here. Late at night, you may be lucky enough to catch the Northern Lights dance across the sky.